Experimental challenges.
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Author:  sabretooth [ Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:11 am ]
Post subject:  Experimental challenges.

Every now and again, Bregi and I upload challenges which are a little 'different' to what we usually upload.

A couple of examples of mine are Five Tests and Objection!
I know that sometimes these challenges are successful, sometimes they are not, but this is what is meant by 'experimental' challenges. We're trying something new and different.

There have been mixed reactions over the latest challenge (S4 LO Objection!) but on the whole the comments I've received have been positive (A big thanks to dalfor, criple_ripper, mego for bug-reports)

I've heard whispers lately of certain long-time users concerned that our challenges are losing their 'edge'.
Well rest assured that these 'experimental' challenges will not replace our stream of regular challenges which follow our usual style.

The next challenge from me will be S5 EX Welcome To Dharma II. Look out for it :)

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